Ajura is a fashion brand based in Northern Uganda in the district of Gulu. As a fashion brand, Ajura is dedicated to producing high end fashion and style products from eco-friendly natural material while giving work to single and young mothers.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to provide rare and Unique fashion products that allows nature, Art and fashion to co exist to high end consumers internationally while conserving the environment 

Our Vision

Ajura’s vision is to be the leading producer of eco-friendly print and fashion products in East Africa

Ajura provides eco-friendly printing training to young women and men who are interested in making their fashion print. We also provide basic tailoring training to young women and single mothers and as well provide employment to some of these women to help with making the Ajura fashion products. We trying to make eco-friendly fashion a priority for fashion consumers so the environment can be protected.

1-on-1 with Ajura!

Which type of product are you building?

We are building Eco friendly fashion products ranging from men’s, women’s and children’s clothes and and many more made from natural raw materials such as leaves, flowers and grass.

Where within the fashion chain do you operate?

We are looking at the supply chain by providing affordable Ajura products to the local community around and nationally supply small business customers with clothes.

How many full-time employees do you have?

Currently Ajura has 3 full time employees

In which countries are you currently active?


Which are your (upto) three main target markets?

Looking at our customers, we looking at Mass market where everyone is a potential customer. The Niche market where we focus on and target a particular group of people like influencers and celebrities. Then we have the Convenience and Usability Market where we target everyone but with the same product because we know it will fit their needs and desires